Global maps group

Global Maps group

Global Maps Group introduces its first collection of artistic and illustrated map posters of Florida. Global Maps Group has been producing and distributing high quality and custom designed map posters for over 25 years.  

Marcelo Becerini, co­founder and designer, has established a unique concept that has had a tremendous impact on the consumer for the detail and precision of every artistic map poster created.  

All the map posters in our portfolio are born from the concept of reflecting and showcasing the beauty of our cities and communities, and provide our clients with a great tool to advertise their products and expose their companies in local communities.  

Why global maps group?

Global Map Group creates a high quality product that aims to change the way cities are showcased to locals and tourists. In a picturesque way, the artistic and colorful maps highlight cities in a way they’ve never been seen before. The detail and beauty of the designs allow for the visitor and local to understand the landscape of the cities, while businesses gain awareness and attract new customers.


Global Maps Group provides a different way for advertisers to showcase their business. The unique and artistic designs of the cities are distributed in South Florida malls, hotels, recreation centers, real estate offices, chambers and public institutions in poster and folded maps formats. With a projected circulation of more than 230,000 copies annually, this collection of maps in its different formats, will generate brand awareness to reach a broad audience of potential   customers. In an illustrated and live way, Global Maps Group educates the visitor of the local businesses around their area and reminds locals of the organizations surrounding their community. These keeps the company or brand top of mind, but also helps increase in store traffic, generate sales leads and provides companies with an additional promotional tool.