About Marcelo Becerini

Marcelo is son of the famous Argentinean seascape painter, Hector Becerini, the current Director of the Hombre del Puerto Museum in Mar del Plata.

Marcelo Becerini began his career at the age of 18 working for Hanna-Barbera Productions. He was responsible for all the layouts of the iconic Scooby Doo, The Rose Panther and Dalton Brothers cartoons, among many others.

At 21, Marcelo made his first design called "Buenos Aires Now" and right after that, he produced "Bariloche Now." The dimensions of these posters were 39 inches x 27 inches (1 meter by 70 centimeters), a format that we continue to use in addition to folded maps.

The first pieces were done solely by hand with airbrush, and later Becerini began to combine digital art tools. Finally, he started drawing all his illustrations integrally in a digital format.

During Marcelo’s career, which spans more than 30 years, he has developed maps of Argentina and all its provinces and most of its principal touristic cities, including the most prestigious ski destinations in Argentina, such as Chapelco, Las Leñas, Bariloche and Cerro Catedral. In addition to these works, Marcelo has done map posters featuring European and American countries, The Americas and World Maps. Especial projects also include map posters for Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile.

Marcelo owns a unique talent that combines realism and fantasy in his drawings. He has designed more than 100 maps along his career span and has sold over 2 million copies and distributed over 5 million.

Over his career span, Marcelo has elaborated commercial and corporate maps, for private organisms and foundations, governments, ministries and tourism offices.

Now, along with Global Maps Group, Marcelo is expanding his outstanding career to North America, choosing Florida as his first destination.Type your paragraph here.

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